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You can build your own Perfect Commando with our genuine Andover Norton parts and our following special parts. Prices are subject to change, all prices include 21% VAT (therefore prices for customers outside the EU are less 21% ).

Electric start kit 750cc & 850cc Commando #H04 (Alton)

Complete electric start kit for Commando 750 and 850 (pre MK3). Easy starting by just a press on the button. Kit includes powerful starter, modified primary inner chaincase, 150 watt alternator plus all necessary parts to build in the kit including fitting instructions.

Prijs: €1980 including VAT

Brembo front brake system #0200-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

Fantastic Brembo front brake. Quality, fit and finish is unmatched. 
For the MK3 Commando also a rear set available.
Complete with all bolts and nuts and master cylinder.
Fits on every Commando with a standard front disc brake.
The original right hand switch-cluster will be eliminated. As replacement you can use left hand master switch #H01 (plus right hand starter switch #H07 for electric start) and matching clutch lever #H19.

Prijs: €1098 including VAT

Brembo rear disc MK3 conversion #0200-06 (Colorado Norton Works)

Complete rear brake system to match the Brembo front brake.

Prijs: €1198 including VAT

Slimline front fender #0400-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

Steel front fender.
Bare steel, must be painted or chromed.

Prijs: €119 including VAT

Front fender brace #H12

Special shaped brace to fit the CNW/Brembo front brake in combination with an original fender. Available in bare steel.

Prijs: €36 including VAT

Brembo master cylinder (Colorado Norton Works)

This complete Brembo master cylinder (including micro brake light switch) can be used to improve the performance if you want to retain the stock caliper and brake disc.
The master cylinder is available with polished lever #0200-05 Price EUR 169,00 or with black lever #0200-04 Price EUR 154,00. Matching parts: clutch lever #H19 , master switch #H10 , start&kill switch #H07.

Prijs: €169 including VAT

Clutch lever #H19

Aluminium clutch lever to match the Brembo brake lever.

Prijs: €36 including VAT

Light, turn, horn and flasher switch #H01

This solid master switch replaces the original switch and does match the clutch lever #H19.
Comes with color identification for easy installation.

Prijs: €69 including VAT

Start & kill switch #H07

If you apply a Brembo master brake cylinder you can use this starter switch .
Comes with color identification for easy installation.

Prijs: €39 including VAT

Single coil #0700-02 (Colorado Norton Works)

Solid state high output single ignition coil.
Complete with all bolts and nuts and fixing plate.

Prijs: €156 including VAT

PAZON electronic ignition #H11

Very reliable electronic ignition (7,5 year warranty). Comes with clear fitting instructions and all needed fitting parts.

Prijs: €149 including VAT

High power starter MK3 #H05

This powerful starter replaces the original MK3 starter.
We advice to replace at the same time the electrical wiring (#0700-06) and battery for maximum performance.
* 4 brush-high driving torque
* ball bearings for efficient / easy spinning
* O-ring sealed motor for fuel and water exclusion
* 9 tooth pinion provides a 15.78 gear reduction ratio for an 11% improvement in torque over
   the 10 tooth original Prestolite pinion with 14,2 gear reduction ratio
* net weight 2,16 kg (approx 1 kg lighter than original Prestolite starter!)
* completely bolt-in interchange without any modifications 

Prijs: €396 including VAT

Starter wiring kit MK3 #0700-06 (Colorado Norton Works)

Wiring kit for electric starter. Heavy duty cable.

Prijs: €34 including VAT

Complete starter conversion for MK3 Commando #H06

A complete starter conversion for the MK3 Commando includes:

  • powerful starter (#H05)
  • heavy duty wiring kit (#0700-06)
  • starter gears (genuine Andover Norton engine sprocket, starter drive gear with needle bearing and starter sprag clutch).
  • 18ah maintenance free Yuasa battery (fits into standard battery tray)
  • installation

Prijs: €920 including VAT

Headsteady #0400-41 (Colorado Norton Works)

Very solid headsteady (by far best available).
Improves bike handling dramaticly
Easy fitting, no tinkering with shims or brackets etc. No maintenance (self lubricating balljoints)
Extra €40 for polished version #0400-40

Prijs: €369 including VAT

Kegler swing arm spindle modification #H17

Lateral forces exerted on the swing arm spindle will cause space for motion on the spindle and the (pre-MK3)engine cradle spindle tube, allowing the spindle and swing arm to rock. This creates a loose rear end which can be felt by grabbing the rear wheel and pushing and pulling it side to side. As the space for motion increases the roadholding will get worse.
The Kegler modification (2 clamps) eliminates the rocking motion and supports the spindle to prevent motion. The modification comes with installation instructions and can be fitted yourself.

Prijs: €39 including VAT

IKON rear shock absorbers #H02

IKON top quality shock absorbers.
Adjustable 3-position spring tension and 4-position hydraulic damper.

Prijs: €379 including VAT

Lansdowne damper cartridge #H03

You can now easily upgrade any Roadholder forks with a Lansdowne Engineering damper cartridge.
This race proven upgrade delivers modern damping performance that is also adjustable to the riders style or use. Whether racing, touring or street riding the Lansdowne Engineering damper cartridge will make your Norton ride like it has never before. Available for Commando (#H03) and Dominator (#H03-D). Comes with fitting instructions.

Prijs: €329,00

Roadholder seal holder #0300-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

Aluminium seal holder for Roadholder forks (set of 2).

Prijs: €49 including VAT

Headlight ears #0400-36 (Colorado Norton Works)

Very nice polished aluminium headlamp ears.
Best quality.

Prijs: €169 including VAT

Triple trees #0400-07 (Colorado Norton Works)

Polished aluminium triple trees. Nice classic looks, detachable handlebar clamps for use of clip-ons. 

Prijs: €698 including VAT

Z-plates #0400-42 (Colorado Norton Works)

Beautiful Z plates, polished.

Prijs: €324 including VAT

Stainless steel bolt set Z plates #0800-16 pre MK3 Commando (Colorado Norton Works)

Polished stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers for the Z plates of all pre MK3 Commando's.

Prijs: €39 including VAT

Stainless steel bolt set Z plates #0800-17 MK3 Commando (Colorado Norton Works)

Polished stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers for the Z-plates MK3 Commando.

Prijs: €43 including VAT

Slimline chain guard #0400-47 (Colorado Norton Works)

This chain guard fits every Commando.
Bare steel (must be chromed or painted). Also available in polished stainless steel #0400-48. Price €249.

Prijs: €118 including VAT

X-ring chainset #0600-04 pre MK3 Commando (Colorado Norton Works)

This chainset for pre MK3 Commando (drum brake with cush drive) is complete with X-ring 5/8*1/4" chain, front sprocket and rear sprocket/drum, sealed double bearing and machined stubby axle. Longer mileage, less maintenance. 

Prijs: €549 including VAT

X-ring chainset #0601-04 Commando MK3 (Colorado Norton Works)

X-ring chainset for Commando MK3 (disc brake).
Complete with front and rear sprocket, sealed double bearing and machined stubby axle.
Longer mileage, less maintenance.

Prijs: €499 including VAT

BRASS throttle valve for Amal Concentrics #H15

Sharper throttle control & shut off, smoother action and of course much better wear resistant than the original zinc/aluminium valve. Available in plain brass #H15 (39 euro each) or chromed brass #H15C (49 euro each).

Prijs: €39 including VAT

Single Mikuni carburetor kit #H16

Best single carb kit available. Kit includes Mikuni 34mm carb, 2-into-1 manifold, K&N airfilter, throttle cable and all necessary fitting parts. Guaranteed easy starting, steady idle, and good performance. Simple to fit without any modifications and easy to tune (comes with tuning manual).

Prijs: €380 including VAT

Dual Keihin 35mm flat slide carburetor kit #0504-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

If you are looking for a carburetor kit that will take advantage of the torque and power in the Commando this is it. This kit will deliver all the fuel and air that you will need to run your bike to its fullest. It will bolt on any year Commando and everything is included to make it a very easy installation. It’s a tight fit but enough clearance to allow for some engine vibration with out making contact with the frame. There is no choke on the carb but the accelerator pump makes it an easy starting system. The two carbs are bolted together so that you do not have to worry about synchronizing. The rollers in the carb-body are there to ensure the slides to operate smoothly and they do make a rattling noise when the bike is at idle. On some tanks the right side petcock will be close to the throttle linkage. This kit was designed for a performance engine and even though you will feel an improvement on a stock engine it really shines if you have some work done to your engine that demands more fuel and air such as a performance Camshaft, Head work etc. Details: •Set up your performance engine with a state of the art carburetor kit •Unique CNW, CNC machined, billet aluminum intake manifold that has been designed to ensure maximun flow •We took a lot of time to ensure that this intake is as efficient as possible. The port floor was lowered and the port has less of an overall radius. The internal texture creates a better air/fuel mixture as it enters the head •The intake is slightly shorter and locate the carbs a bit lower than the older Amal type intakes, creating a little more room between the frame and carb bodies •The intake has a built in balance tube on the bottom so that it does not disturb the air/fuel flow. The balance tube stabilizes the idle and offer a better mixture at low rpm’s •CNW unique idle adjuster •Keihin FCR 35mm flat slides with rollers to ensure smooth operation •The carbs have an Accelerator pump •These carbs are bolted together and use a common linkage for operating •Rubber adaptors compatible with alcohol modified fuels •Stainless hardware •Push/Pull throttle with cable •K&N Air cleaners •Billet spigots •Fuel lines with t’s and fuel filters •This kit is complete with everything you need from the intake and back to the air cleaners

Prijs: €1360 including VAT

Anti wet sump valve #H08

This proven reliable automatic oil valve will solve your wet sump issues permanently. The valve will replace the original oiltank filter bolt. Including two steel/rubber washers and product information.

Prijs: €69 including VAT

Oil pressure gauge kit #H18

Complete oil pressure gauge kit. All stainless steel. Good match with the original clocks. The bracket can be cut to required length for optimal fitting. Comes with installation instruction and is easy to fit.

Prijs: €169 including VAT

PCV engine breather valve #H14

This PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) reed valve will reduce excessive engine pressure and will eliminate oil leaks at all gasket joints associated with that excessive engine pressure. Easy to fit in between the existing crankcase breather hose.

Prijs: €26 including VAT

Barnett clutch kit (Colorado Norton Works)

High quality friction material, much lighter, no clutch slip guaranteed. Available for early 750 Commando (4 friction, 3 steel plates) #0604-01 Price EUR 79,00 and for later 750/850 Commando (5 friction, 4 steel plates) #0604-03 Price EUR 98,00.

Prijs: €98 including VAT

Maney Commando belt drive kit #H13

Top quality! Smoother running, lightweight, no power sapping chain and no chaincase oil leaks. Kit includes: belt, front pulley, clutch basket & sealed bearing.

Prijs: €439 including VAT

Dominator belt drive kit #H20

Complete Dominator belt drive kit with Barnett / Commando clutch. Smoother running, lightweight, no chaincase oil leaks and no clutch slip or drag. Comes with fitting instructions. Available for alternator and pre alternator Dominator.

Prijs: €698 including VAT

Clutch rod seal #H10

This useful part will stop gearbox oil seeping through the mainshaft/clutch rod onto the clutch plates. To prevent sticking and slipping of those clutch plates. Comes with fitting instructions and is easy to screw on the end of the mainshaft. 

Prijs: €30 including VAT

Hydraulic clutch set #0600-01 (CNW/Jim Comstock)

Very smooth and light operation of the clutch lever. Complete set.

Prijs: €459 including VAT

Oil seal modification gearbox outer cover #H09

Two oil seals (original Norton) will be machined and installed in your outer cover to replace the standard O-rings that are prone to leak. No more leakage from the kickstart and gearchange shaft.

Prijs: €50 including VAT

Corbin Roadster seat #0406-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

High quality excellent seat with genuine leather seat area, vinyl sides and tail. Including key lock system for easy removing and placing.

Prijs: €498 including VAT

Commando head (CNW/Full Auto Technologies)

This head is a brand new casting made with modern tooling to achieve superior results in both performance and finish. The head is first cast and then CNC machined to spec. It’s a direct replacement for any Commando engine. Designed to look just like the stock head but when you look closely you will see that the finish is far from the original that has a very rough appearance. The core material is also very different from what they used in the old days and you won’t have any issues with porosity as so often is the case with the stock head. Because of the shape of the exhaust ports the velocity is increased and the spent fuel load is forced to exit the head more efficiently. Available for 850cc Commando (#0506-02) and 750cc Commando (#0506-01).

Prijs: €2640 including VAT