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You can build your own Perfect Commando with our genuine Andover Norton Factory parts and our special parts as shown below. Prices are subject to change and excl. 21% VAT (therefore prices for customers inside the EU add 21%).

Electric start conversion #0500-22 (Colorado Norton Works)

Complete electric start kit for Commando 750 and 850 (pre MK3) :
CNC machined inner primary for top quality tolerance and finish. Complete starter motor with solenoid, this allows to completely disengage the starter from the gear drive as soon as the engine is running. The primary will be dry and included with the kit is a complete CNW belt drive. Uses a 21mm wide Gates Poly Carbon belt. Alloy clutch basket that accepts a stock Commando clutch stack. Complete with a new clutch center and sealed bearing. Kit is designed to use a Lucas type alternator (not included in the kit, you can use what you currently have in the bike or upgrade to a high output alternator kit). All gear driven from the starter to the front sprocket. The starter engages the front sprocket that is secured on the crank taper. You will need a large battery and we can supply this if you need it. No modifications needed to the bike other than removal of the inner primary and the addition of some electronics. For those that are using the original air cleaner, we have a K&N twin air filter available. System will be fairly straight forward to install as long as you have the necessary primary tools needed (front sprocket puller and clutch compressor). Since there are no modifications needed to any other parts of the machine, it’s very easy to remove the system and bring the bike back to stock.

Price: € 3190 exclusive VAT

IKON rear shock absorbers #H02

IKON top quality shock absorbers. Adjustable 3-position spring tension and 4-position hydraulic damper. Available for Commando (#H02) and Dominator (#H02D).

Price: €379 exclusive VAT

Kegler swing arm spindle modification #H17

Lateral forces exerted on the swing arm spindle will cause space for motion on the spindle and the (pre-850MK3)engine cradle spindle tube, allowing the spindle and swing arm to rock. This creates a loose rear end which can be felt by grabbing the rear wheel and pushing and pulling it side to side. As the space for motion increases the roadholding will get worse.
The Kegler modification (set of 2 carbon steel clamps) eliminates the rocking motion and supports full circumference the spindle to prevent motion. This highly effective modification comes with installation instructions (clamps can be fitted without removing the swing arm).

Price: €36 exclusive VAT

Headsteady #0400-100 (Colorado Norton Works)

Superb headsteady, by far best available! Will fit every type Commando. Improves bike handling considerably due to elimination of lateral movement by replacing the flexible rubber mountings for solid and maintenance free ball joints. Easy fitting on existing mounting points (no tinkering with clamps or shims). Once installed no more maintenance. 
Complete linkage system (adjustable, lubricated and sealed ball joints) also separately available, price EUR 98,00 order #0400-101.

Price: €485 exclusive VAT

Girling disc brake kit #H06

Upgrade kit for the standard disc brake system includes a Girling full floating stainless steel disc with black anodised billet aluminium centre, pair Ferodo Platinum brake pads, Goodridge braided stainless steel brake line #H25. 
This kit is a direct replacement for the massive cast iron brake disc, standard brake pads and spongy rubber brake hose. In addition to improved braking performance, the absence of a rusty cast iron brake disc after any rain shower is a nice bonus. The kit will fit both front and rear (Commando 850MK3). The kit is easy to fit (comes with fitting instuction). Please state your required overall length* of your front brake line when ordering. *overall length is measured from master cylinder direct to caliper as existing (metal) coupling line(s) and bolt-on bracket(s) will be eliminated. Kit parts are also available separately.
Matching parts: Brembo brake master cylinder #0200-04(05), clutch lever #H19, master switch #H10, start&kill switch #H07.

Price: €214 exclusive VAT

Brembo brake master cylinder #0200-04

This complete Brembo brake master cylinder assembly (including micro brake light switch) can be used to improve the performance if you want to retain the original caliper and brake disc.
Available with black coated lever (order #0200-04, price EUR 138,00) or with polished lever (order #0200-05, price EUR 178,00).
Matching parts: Goodridge brake line #H25, clutch lever #H19, master switch #H10, start&kill switch #H07, spare Brembo brake lever #0200-04B (black coated aluminium, price EUR 10,00).

Price: €138 exclusive VAT

Goodridge stainless brake line #H25

Made to measure braided stainless steel brake line, assembled with stainless steel fittings. Best replacement for the standard rubber brake hose that become spongy over time and can become clogged by the swollen rubber.
Please state your required overall length* of your front brake line when ordering. *overall length is measured from master cylinder direct to caliper as existing (metal) coupling line(s) and bolt-on bracket(s) will be eliminated. The Goodridge brake line is easy to fit (comes with fitting instruction).
Available for original Norton master cylinder/caliper #H25 (also for rear brake Commando MK3, order #H25A) and for Brembo master cylinder / original Norton caliper #H25B

Price: €48 exclusive VAT

Brembo front brake system #0200-17 (Colorado Norton Works)

Brembo front brake system, fits on every Commando with a front disc brake. System includes master cylinder (black or polished lever available) with brake light switch, black coated braided stainless brake line, full floating stainless disc with black anodised billet aluminium centre, black anodised 4-piston caliper plus necessary hardware and fitting instructions.
The original master cylinder and Lucas right hand switch cluster will be eliminated. As replacement you can use left hand master switch #H01 (plus right hand starter switch #H07 for electric start) and matching clutch lever #H19.

Price: €1390 exclusive VAT

Brembo rear brake system MK3 #0200-18 (Colorado Norton Works)

Complete rear brake system for Commando 850 MK3 to match the Brembo front brake system. 

Price: €1490 exclusive VAT

Front fender brace #H12

Special shaped brace to fit the CNW/Brembo front brake in combination with an original fender. Available in bare steel #H12 (EUR 49,00) or stainless steel #H12S (EUR 69,00).

Price: €49 exclusive VAT

Domino-Tommaselli clutch lever #H19

High quality aluminium clutch lever assembly. Perfect match with the Brembo brake lever.

Price: €36 exclusive VAT

Domino-Tommaselli master switch #H01

This solid genuine Domino master switch (light, turn, horn and flasher) replaces the original switch and does match the clutch lever #H19. Comes with color identification for easy installation. 
Beware of imitation Domino switches, always check for the moulded Domino brand in bottom of the switch!

Price: €69 exclusive VAT

Domino-Tommaselli start & kill switch #H07

If you apply a Brembo master brake cylinder you can use this solid Domino starter switch. Comes with color identification for easy installation.
Beware of imitation Domino switches, always check for the moulded Domino brand in bottom of the switch!

Price: €39 exclusive VAT

PAZON electronic ignition #H11

Very reliable electronic ignition (7,5 year warranty). Includes all needed wiring, mounting material and clear fitting instructions.

Price: €120 exclusive VAT

High-output charging system #H03

High-output charging system: Lucas 3 phase 180W alternator stator (produces 85% full output at only 2400 rpm), Lucas alternator rotor (welded centre) and Lucas 3 phase solid state regulator. Including wiring diagram. Parts also available separately. 

Price: €269 exclusive VAT

High-power starter MK3 #064791B

This powerful starter replaces the original 850 MK3 starter.
We advice to replace at the same time the starter wiring (#067269) and battery for maximum performance.
* 4 brush-high driving torque
* ball bearings for efficient / easy spinning
* O-ring sealed motor for fuel and water exclusion
* 9 tooth pinion provides a 15.78 gear reduction ratio for an 11% improvement in torque over
   the 10 tooth original Prestolite pinion with 14,2 gear reduction ratio
* net weight 2,16 kg (approx 1 kg lighter than original Prestolite starter!)
* completely bolt-in interchange without any modifications 

Price: €398 exclusive VAT

Starter wiring kit #067269

Wiring kit for electric starter. Heavy-duty cable for optimal power transfer from battery to starter motor. 

Price: €66 exclusive VAT

MK3 starter drive upgrade #0600-22 (Colorado Norton Works)

This is a replacement kit for the 850MK3 starter drive gear. Superior material en strength ensures a positive starter engagement without slipping. 
- extremely high quality steel
- vacuum heat treated for best uniform strength all the way through the core
- solid sprag clutch with stronger single bearing cage
- no modifications needed to install, parts will drop in as stock
- kit includes a crankshaft sprocket, drive gear with needle bearing and a sprag gear/clutch
- there is a 5 year conditional warranty on this kit
- these parts are only available as a complete kit not as individual pieces

Price: €536 exclusive VAT

Slimline front fender #0400-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

Steel front fender with bracket.
Bare steel, must be painted or chromed.
Note: the fender will not fit with a 4.10 - 19" tire size however it is a perfect fit with a 100/90 - 19" (or 90/90 or 3.60 - 19″) tire size.

Price: €168 exclusive VAT

Headlight brackets #0400-36 (Colorado Norton Works)

Beautiful machined polished billet aluminium headlamp brackets with stainless steel button-head bolts.

Price: €220 exclusive VAT

Triple trees #0400-07 (Colorado Norton Works)

Polished billet aluminium triple trees. Nice classic looks, detachable handlebar clamps for clip-ons use. 

Price: €820 exclusive VAT

Fork seal retainers #0300-01 (Colorado Norton Works)

Billet aluminium seal retainers (pair) for Roadholder forks. Direct replacement for the (often corroded) steel and heavy original retainers.

Note: the fork seal retainers #0300-01 are currently out of stock. Soon available again (once this notification is deleted).

Price: €54 exclusive VAT

Stainless steel kit for Z-plates (Colorado Norton Works)

Polished stainless steel button-head bolts, nuts and washers for Z-plates (main exhaust plates and the foot rest assemblies). Available for Commando pre MK3 (#0800-16) or Commando MK3 (#0800-17).

Price: €56 exclusive VAT

Slimline chain guard #0400-47 (Colorado Norton Works)

This chain guard fits every Commando.
Bare steel (must be chromed or painted). 

Price: €158 exclusive VAT

X-ring chain set #H21

Complete chain set includes D.I.D. 520 (5/8*1/4") X-ring chain, gearbox sprocket (please state your required number of teeth) and rear sprocket with sealed double row ball-bearing. Longer mileage, less maintenance. Direct replacement, no modifications required.
Available for Commando pre 850MK3 with drum brake (#H21 CUSH DRIVE or #H21 BOLT UP) Price EUR 320,00 and Commando 850MK3 with disc brake (#H21 MK3) Price EUR 360,00

Note: this D.I.D. 520 (5/8*1/4") X-ring chain provides the same narrow width as the original Commando 530 (5/8*3/8") standard chain. Fitting a heavier and wider 530 (5/8*3/8") X-ring chain is overkill and will result in scraping off either the primary innercover or/and the gearbox shell on most Commando's (see picture below).

Price: €320 exclusive VAT

Single Mikuni carburetor kit #H16

Best single carb kit available. Kit includes Mikuni 34mm carb, 2-into-1 manifold, K&N high-flow airfilter, throttle cable and all necessary fitting parts. Guaranteed easy starting, steady idle, good all round performance and very durable! Simple to fit and easy to tune (comes with comprehensive tuning manual).

Price: €398 exclusive VAT

Amal Premier carburetors #H28

Upgraded (lighter and durable aluminium) Amal Premier carburetors (matched pair) for Commando and Dominator. Please state your required bore size (28, 30 or 32 mm).

Price: € 480 exclusive VAT

Narrow air filter for Amals #0519-03 (Colorado Norton Works)

Special 50mm narrow K&N type high-flow dual air filter (including stainless steel clamps) for Amal carburetors. Washable so lifetime usable.

Price: €68 exclusive VAT

Velocity stack for Amal Concentric #H27

Billet aluminium velocity stack for Amal Concentric carburetors.

Price: €29 exclusive VAT (each)

Anti wet sump valve #H08

This proven reliable automatic oil valve will solve your wet sump issues permanently. This oil valve doesn't affect the oil pressure unlike certain other inline valves that can cause oil pressure drop or even oil starvation. For many years numerous of these oil valves have been sold with only positive feedback from our customers. The oil valve comes with two leak-proof bonded seals and is an easy replacement for the original oil tank filter bolt. 

Note: for Dominator and early Commando with front side oil feed from the oil tank also order the oil hose connection banjo (as fitted to the later Commando, part AN062207, see 3rd picture).

Price: €66 exclusive VAT

Oil pressure gauge kit #H18

Complete oil pressure gauge kit. All stainless steel. Glycerin filled gauge. Good match with the original clocks. The bracket can be cut to required length for prefered fitting. The oil pressure gauge gives you direct and permanent info about the oil supply condition in your engine. Comes with installation instruction and is easy to fit.

Price: €168 exclusive VAT

PCV engine breather valve #H14

This small device is a great improvement to the engine breather system. The PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) reed valve releases excessive engine pressure on the down stroke and prevents air returning into the crankcase on the up stroke, creating a small vacuum that will eliminate oil leaks at all gasket joints associated with that excessive engine pressure. 
Easy to fit anywhere in between existing crankcase breather hose. The reed valve comes with a detachable mounting bracket.

Price: €29 exclusive VAT

Barnett clutch kit (Colorado Norton Works) #0604-03

High quality friction material, much lighter, no clutch slip guaranteed. The aluminium tooth core of the Barnett friction plates prevent the clutch centre from notching (notches in the clutch centre cause clutch drag and hard gear shifting). Also the lighter Barnett clutch stack will reduce stress on the gearbox mainshaft and bearings.

Available for early Commando 750 (4 friction, 3 plain plates) #0604-01 Price EUR 104,00 and for later Commando 750/850 (5 friction, 4 plain plates) #0604-03 Price EUR 129,00.

Note: you can easily upgrade your early Commando 750 clutch (4 friction, 3 plain plates) to the later type clutch (5 friction, 4 plain plates) by turning down the 1/4" thick pressure plate to the later type 1/8" thin pressure plate. If you don't have access to a lathe we can turn down your pressure plate (price EUR 20,00 exclusive VAT) or we can supply you a new 1/8" thin pressure plate.

Price: €129 exclusive VAT

Easy Pull clutch kit #H26

Modification kit for a lighter 'two-finger' clutch pull (no clutch slip guaranteed).
Kit includes a special 3 mm thick clutch plain plate (that will replace one original 2 mm plain plate), teflon lined maintenance free clutch cable, easy pull clutch operating lever and Barnett clutch plates kit*

* with Barnett clutch kit for early Commando 750 (4 friction, 3 plain plates) order Easy Pull kit #H26-01 (Price EUR 173,00) or for later Commando 750/850 (5 friction, 4 plain plates) order Easy Pull kit #H26-03 (Price EUR 198,00).

Note: you can easily upgrade your early Commando 750 clutch (4 friction, 3 plain plates) to the later type clutch (5 friction, 4 plain plates) by turning down the 1/4" thick pressure plate to the later type 1/8" thin pressure plate. If you don't have access to a lathe we can turn down your pressure plate (price EUR 20,00 exclusive VAT) or we can supply you a new 1/8" thin pressure plate.

Price: €198 exclusive VAT

Commando belt drive kit #0600-12 (Colorado Norton Works)

Top quality belt drive kit including front pulley with belt guards, Poly Carbon belt, aluminium clutch basket with steel backing plate and sealed bearing.
One ratio available. 32 front and 70 rear offering a 2.188 gear ratio (std chain drive is a 2.19 ratio)
Uses a Gates 21mm Poly Carbon belt. Stronger than what is used in other belt drive kits on the market
The front pulley is made from S7 tool steel for optimum wear characteristics
Clutch basket is hard anodised
Clutch basket has a machined in belt guard
The clutch basket accepts a std Commando clutch stack (not included with kit)
The clutch basket accepts a std Commando clutch center (not included with the kit)
One of the single best upgrades you can do for your Commando since it takes a lot of weight/load off the gearbox mainshaft and bearings
Offers a dry primary chain case (no more oil leakage)
Kit weighs 3.98 lbs (1,8 kg)
Quiet and smooth operation

Note: This belt drive is identical to that used in the CNW electric start conversion and if you want to upgrade to that at a later time, we will offer you a credit since you will already have part of the system. We would need the front pulley returned so that we can install the electric start assembly into it.

Note: the belt drive kit #0600-12 is currently out of stock. Soon available again (once this notification is deleted).

Price: €689 exclusive VAT

Clutch rod seal #H10

This very effective small part will stop gearbox oil seeping through the mainshaft/clutch rod onto the clutch plates. To prevent sticking and slipping of those clutch plates. Comes with fitting instructions and is easy to screw on the end of the mainshaft. 

Price: €25 exclusive VAT

Oil seal modification gearbox outer cover #H09

Two oil seals (original Andover Norton) will be machined and installed in your outer cover to replace the standard O-rings that are prone to leak. No more leakage from the kickstart and gearchange shaft.

Price: €42 exclusive VAT

Oil seal modification tacho drive housing #H04

A proper oil seal will be machined and installed in your tacho drive housing. No more leakage!

Price: €20 exclusive VAT

Carrillo conrods #H22

The Carrillo conrod is a precision, high strength, top quality forged steel connecting rod. These custom made Norton Commando Carrillo conrods (set of 2) including 'ultimate tensile strength Multiphase TM' bolts guarantee unbeatable top quality in the heart of your Commando engine! Also recommended for Dominator 650/750cc.

Price: €890 exclusive VAT

Commando 750/850 Fullauto cylinder head #0521-01

This is the 'new' Fullauto cylinder head. An improved version of the original stopped being produced several years ago. While the 1st generation heads were great, this new one is improved in several areas from the very core and up.
- made in newly designed core boxes to ensure an unsurpassed quality casting
- casting material is of highest quality
- cylinder head is complete with bronze valve guides installed
- valve guides made in house to highest quality specs, using a 630 aluminium nickel bronze
- valve seats are superior using a Moldstar 90 material, cut to a 3 angle profile
- thread inserts are installed for the 3 lower studs changing the weak original fine thread to a stronger 3/8-16 thread
- exhaust ports are 'D' shaped like the original that is a proven design to generate improved flow characteristics
- intake ports are completely machined for a seamless port
- included are 3 steel ARP lower studs (3/8-16 x 3/8-24 thread) with corresponding 12 point ARP nut (rear) and                    2 stainless steel, heat treated, 12 point CNW sleeve nuts (front)
- stock valve train, springs, valve covers, spindle covers, over head oil lines will all fit
- head is cast in California and then finished at state of art machine shop STS in Florida
- HNW does also offer additional items to further complete the head if required

Price: €2580 exclusive VAT

Black Diamond valves #H23

Genuine Black Diamond valves (Kibblewhite Precision Machining USA) set of 4.
The special “Black Diamond" process improves wear properties, reduces friction, and provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to chrome and nickel electrolysis plating. Each valve is designed using Finite Element Analysis software, and profiles are tested on a computerized flow bench. Black Diamond valves are light, strong, one piece forgings with profiles that provide excellent flow characteristics. 
Beware of imitations! Accept only BD-valves in genuine Kibblewhite Precision Machining packaging.

Price: €136 exclusive VAT

Omega 850cc high compression pistons

Omega Commando 850 high compression pistons. Complete pair including piston rings. Available bore size 77.5 (+.020") and 78mm (+.040").

Price: €360 exclusive VAT

Rocker spindle covers #H24

Duraluminum rocker spindle covers to fit all Norton twins. Set of 4 covers including stainless steel button-head bolts and gaskets. These lightweight one-piece covers will replace the original double plate covers. Smart design will prevent the spindles from rotating and only the inner gasket is needed with optimal sealing as a result.

Price: €52 exclusive VAT

Special tools

C-spanner exhaust lockrings (#063968). Price EUR 19,00 exclusive VAT.

Clutch (diaphragm) compressor tool (#060999). Price EUR 26,00 exclusive VAT.

Extractor assembly for crankshaft (engine) sprocket and camshaft sprocket (#064297). Price EUR 20,00 exclusive VAT.

Price: € see specification above